Saturday, February 19, 2011

China Factory Day 4 & Snake Soup

China Factory Day 4 & Snake Soup

Buying snake.JPG
I was so proud of myself today for pushing through my fear (and gagging reflexes) to experience something new. I wouldn't consider myself a picky eater. But, I do have major issues with some textures like fat, gristle and chewy rubber.

Above are the 3 snakes (about $50 US dollar worth) that the factory boss picked from the cages below.
How nice of him! We were also fortunate enough to be sitting quite close to the cages and I had a perfect view of them cutting the heads off each snake, with scissors, before weighing them.


Raw snake.JPG
Snake flesh waiting to go into the pot of boiling snake bones.

Snake soup.JPG
If this doesn't look appetizing... UGH! Did I mention that I did run 5.5 miles this morning and I am now starving! Wishing that I had dropped a bar in my bag before leaving this morning.

Eating snake.JPG
This is what snake looks like all cooked up.
I ATE it! I ate like 7 pieces! There was NOTHING else to eat! It was a bit chewy with not a lot of taste.
think calamari, think calamari 

Snake kidneys.JPG
And lucky us, with 3 snakes comes 3 SNAKE GALL BLADDERS! Supposedly SGB's are good for your eyes and stomach. These are fresh out of the snakes, soaking in some sort of alcohol. The factory boss proceeded to add more alcohol and squeeze the green fluid out of each SGB.

Snake kidney drink.JPG
Yep, then he poured us each a mini glass. OH BOY! This is NOT a good lunch!!
The alcohol was so strong I couldn't taste anything else, thankfully. I did pass on the whole SGB when those were being passed around at the end. I had had enough adventure for one lunch!

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